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The building contract

Our building contract binds and protects both you and our contractor. You can minimize the possibility of misunderstandings later by writing down every possible detail. Our contract should include all of the following:

  • The project and participants: Include a general description of the project, its address, and the names and addresses of both you and our company.
  • Construction materials: Identify grade and species of lumber and quality of fasteners. Indicate brand and model number of any accessories, such as lighting sys¬tems. We don’t have "or equal" that will allow to substitute materials for your choices.
  • Work to be performed: Specify all major jobs from grading to finishing.
  • Time schedule: Though we cannot be respon¬sible for construction delays caused by strikes and material shortages, we would assume responsi¬bility for completing the project within a reasonable period of time. The contract should include both start and completion dates.
  • Method of payment: Specify how payments are to be made. This is usually done in installments as phases of the work are completed. The final payment is withheld until the job receives its final inspection and is cleared of all liens.

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