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We specialize in building timber and composite decks and working with you to design a deck to suit your budget and style. Our timber decks are built to an extremely high standard and are designed to withstand the Toronto weather conditions.

Adding a deck or porch to a home is one of the most common of all home improvement projects, and for good reason: A new deck or porch will increase your usable living space, provide you with a relaxing setting to enjoy the outdoors, and even create discrete areas for activities such as cooking, swimming, or play stations for the kids. What's more, adding one home is a very doable project. All that being the case, it's important that you take time to find a deck builder with the experience and know-how to get your job done right. We are quite confident in our decks quality and safety. We proudly give you the extended warranty for all parts, materials, and labor provided by Crazy Bee Decks for full 12 years.

Deck materials

One of the most important steps you'll undertake in designing your deck will be the selection of materials. The materials you choose will affect not only the look of your deck, but also its ease of construction, strength, and durability.

Lumber is usually the most expensive component of a deck. Becoming familiar with types of wood and lumberyard terminology can not only save you money, but also help you avoid mistakes that might shorten the life of your deck. To choose the right lumber for the job, you'll need to consider factors such as grading, moisture content, and decay resistance.

The traditional surface for a deck is wood, a material that is affordable, versatile, relatively lightweight, and easy to work with standard tools. To prevent decay, choose either pressure-treated lumber or naturally decay-resistant wood such as cedar or redwood heart-wood. You can vary the look of your deck surface by choosing wider or narrower boards or boards with specially milled edges.

For a very durable, maintenance-free deck, consider composite boards. These are made of a variety of materials including fiberglass composites, recycled plastic, and vinyl. Some resemble wood, while others are available in solid colors. Some composite decking products snap into tracks with no visible fasteners.

Deck styles

Adding a deck or a porch to a house will enhance the value of the home while providing expanded living space and instant access to the outdoors. One of the toughest decisions you'll be faced with is what style deck or porch to add to your home. The variety of ideas and plans available is staggering. Crazy Bee Decks will help you wade through the choices, starting with a look at the various types of deck options available: freestanding and attached decks, and single-level, raised, and multilevel decks.

Codes and permits

Any deck or porch construction project requires approval from your local building inspector, including the issuance of a building permit. Once you've received the permit, make sure to check to determine when and how often they'll want to inspect the work. This can be once the footings have been dug, after the concrete is poured (before back filling!), and after the foundation is installed, plus a final inspection after the deck or porch is complete.

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