Patio covers and free-standing pergolas

We build pergolas and patio covers in Toronto that will help transform your backyard into something you can be proud of. With over 10 years of carpentry experience we've developed our pergola building technic into something that is unique in Toronto. If you're looking for a carpenter who will custom build your pergola, patio cover or arbor with as little hassle as possible, an incredibly high quality of workmanship call to Crazy Bee Decks!

What is pergola?

The term "pergola" can be confusing to many. An Italian word, it means "arbor," an over­head plant support, but, in particular, it denotes a walkway formed by connected or unconnected arbors. That definition is a useful way of thinking about pergolas. Rather than a gazebo, which is a structure to sit inside and under, or an arbor, which sometimes fea­tures a bench on which to rest, a pergola encourages you to walk, to travel from point A to point B. As such, a pergola becomes a very useful, and beautiful, tool in both the front and back gardens. It directs traffic, if you will, in a stylish way, carrying inhabitants and guests on a sun-dappled path, often with flower- and vine-covered rafters lending sensual pleas­ures of sight and smell.

Pergola styles.

Pergolas, as connectors, can make an entry- way statement as a pathway from curb to front door. A short pergola can also make a smart transi­tion from driveway or garage to yard. Pergolas work wonders, adding interesting structure to an otherwise bland yard. You can use a pergola to guide guests to back areas of the garden; to a pool or a spa; to a dining pavilion or a gazebo; or even, simply, to a secluded bench.

The most common styles used for pergolas are classical, with round columns, and Craftsman, with notched rafters, but there are many other designs from which to choose. . Common plantings include climbing roses, wisteria, grapes, and other vining plants, but just as often, pergolas are left bare so their architecture can be admired easily.

When planning a pergola, think of the effect you would like to achieve. Pergolas that curve can make a smaller yard seem bigger because they reveal the garden slowly through the spaces between the arbors. The structure of a straight pergola will frame what lies at its end, so plan and plant that space for maxi­mum dramatic impact.

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