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Railings and privacy screens are features of your verandah and deck that serve as practical and decorative.  The styles and choices available are unlimited.  Choose plain or decorative insert timber balustrades, powder coated steel, stainless wire or any other type of railing that can be produced.  Handrails can be a multitude of sizes and in varying materials.  A common trend amongst our customers is to have a nice wide handrail, so that they can rest a plate on at a BBQ! 

A deck railing is a vertical up stand which protects users of a building next to a vertical displacement between horizontal building surfaces or on the side of a stair. Railing is required to comply with the Ontario building codes and be stiff enough to withstand exerted pressure. Balustrade may have a handrail over. The Building Code of Ontario is written to ensure building that enables people to move safely between different levels of the building using stairs or ramps.

To prevent people from falling, a continuous railing or screen must be provided alongside any stairway or ramp, any floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, verandah, mezzanine or path of access to a building if it is not bounded by a wall or any level more than 3 ft above adjoining floor or finished ground level.

Deck railing systems

  • Wood deck railing
  • Metal deck railing
  • Aluminum deck railings
  • Glass deck railings
  • Cable deck railing

Railing styles

  • Railings with view
  • Horizontal railings
  • Vertical railings
  • Solid railings

Railing post cups

One of the ways you can dress up a deck railing is to add caps to the posts. There is a wide variety of caps available, ranging from simple metal "roof"-style caps to complex metal and plastic caps that house low-voltage lighting (see the photo at right). Other varieties include "screw-on" caps; these typically have a turned profile with a ball on top. To install one of these, simply drill a hole in the end of the post, add a dollop of silicone caulk, and screw it in. New hybrid styles combine metal (usually copper) and wood to create a distinctive look.

Code requirements

Code requirements will dictate some of the railing's features, such as height (usually 36 inches), maximum distance between railing members (codes vary from 6 to 9 inches), and lateral strength (15 pounds per lineal foot resistance). The rest of the design is up to you, and your choices are almost endless.

Item SpecifiedTypical Requirement
Decks that require railingsAll decks 30" or more in height
Stairways that require railingsAll stairs with 5 or more steps
Height of railing36" to 42"; usually 36"
Space between balusters4" to 6" maximum
Space between balusters and posts4" to 6" maximum
Space between bottom rail and deck2" to 4" maximum

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